Prestige Midranges

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige midrange product line.

All datasheets are downloadable as pdf files.

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Item 10cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
H1658-04 MU10RB-SL 19 mm 100 Hz 1.1 0.67 Curv woven polyproylene cone, ferrite magnet
Item 12cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
H1304-08 MCA12RC 26 mm 68 Hz 5 0.56 Coated paper cone
Item 15cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
H1262-08 MCA15RCY 26 mm 51 Hz 12 0.25 Coated paper cone, large magnet

H1304-08 MCA12RC

Manually coated paper cone and mechanically matching natural rubber surround
result in an unusually smooth midrange response.

1” high temperature voice coil is wound on an aluminium voice coil former to
ensure a very high power handling capacity.

Extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket keeps the critical
components in perfect alignment.

Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflexion, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

pdfDownload Datasheet MCA12RC
Frequency response
f_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_midrange__h1304_mca12rc.jpg   d_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_midrange__h1304_mca12rc.jpg


 *IEC 268-5 SEAS reserves the right to change technical data