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Item 22cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
X1-04  Exotic F8 26 mm 31 Hz 146 0.39 Wide bandwidth, papyrus paper cone, AlNiCo magnet system
X1-08 Exotic F8 26 mm 32 Hz 143 0.44 Wide bandwidth, papyrus paper cone, AlNiCo magnet system



The Exotic F8 is a full range 8-inch driver designed for smooth, wide frequency response, high sensitivity, and low distortion.

The special paper cone is embedded with papyrus fibers to optimize stiffness and damping. An optimally matched whizzer cone extends high frequency response beyond 10kHz.

A special foam rubber surround reduces mass by 40% compared with conventional rubber surrounds, resulting in higher sensitivity and excellent damping properties.

A totally new and proprietary spider design dramatically improves the performance of this critical suspension part. By combining an extremely open weave with a new resin formulation, all noises normally created by the friction of the threads rubbing together are virtually eliminated. Additionally, the open weave is highly acoustically transparent, minimizing the reflections and resonances associated with conventional spider designs.

A high temperature copper voice coil is wound on a rigid, non-conductive glass fibre former.

The magnet system uses an Alnico V ring magnet for high sensitivity, excellent stability, and low distortion. A copper cap on the pole piece, combined with an under hung voice coil reduces non-linear distortion to a minimum.

New H2 lead-out wires eliminate noise due to roping and resonances.


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Frequency response
F Seas_Exotic_loudspeaker_fullrange__X1-04_Exotic_F8--2   d_seas_exotic_loudspeaker_fullrange__x1-04_exotic_f8.jpg

TS Seas Exotic loudspeaker fullrange X1 04 Exotic F8


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