Dear SEAS customer -

We are most proud to introduce to you our award winning Lotus product group.

Many of you are already familiar with our exceptionally good Mobile Audio speakers, and now we are finally able to present them on

SEAS Lotus Mobile Audio has been reviewed and appreciated by the public for years now. Customers, both here in Norway and internationally, have won awards for the sound quality over and over again. In 2008 for example - Lotus won twice in the Inaugural Australian INCAR Entertainment awards edition (issue 88)

Norwegian Tommy Andersen has particiapted in Emma competitions several times, winning the Norwegian Championship with the SEAS Lotus Reference Set.

SEAS Lotus reproduces ultra clean sound, revealing details you have never heard before in your car.

You can find a thorough review of the Lotus Performance Set here:


For purchase of SEAS Lotus drive units or complete sets - please contact a Lotus distributor near you.


Welcome to the world of stunning sound!