SEAS has for many years been the leading manufacturer of HighEnd Loudspeaker drive units. Innovation and competence have always been, and still are, our driving forces.
We are proud to offer these qualities also direct to our OEM customers, which in turn sparkle many good ideas for new and exiting solutions.

The vision that follows SEAS employees in their daily work, is:
“We will solve the mystery of the breathtaking Sound Experience”

For the time being, we are working on three large development projects initiated by OEM customers, solving riddles and mysteries together. This kind of co-development contributes positively in many ways:

  Shorter engineering time and thereby lower total cost
  Higher degree of success
  Excellent tool for building partnership, or closer relations between us and our  customers.

We believe this is of mutual benefit for both parties. These projects really are most inspiring and instructive.

We have learned that the flexibility offered through this brings us all one step closer to solving the mystery.

To learn more - please contact us on mail@seas.no

Spring has arrived Moss, and Marketing Dept is planning travel activities. The next big event we plan to visit, is the HighEnd Show in Munich.