SEAS at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

It is with great pride and excitement we invite you to stop by the Madisound room, where we will launch our latest news.
Mr. Diego Ivars from our R&D department will travel to Denver, and be at your service together with Mr. John Stone.

First and foremost:
After 10 years of development and designs/redesigns, we can finally introduce:
Diamond dome tweeter
The limit for this unique product was no limit. It is beyond everything we have ever done at SEAS, challenging all the competence
we possess, using more than 60 years of experience resulting in a superior tweeter in every aspect. We are very proud and happy
to let you check out the preliminary data sheet, which we will send on request.

The second big news for the show is a new loudspeaker kit, which you can say is a resurrection of the old mega success Dynaco A25,
and we have named it SEAS A26:
We have designed a new Excel T35 dome midrange/tweeter, and combined it with the A26RE4 uncoated paper cone
woofer. Our conclusion after several hours of listening:
The SEAS A26 is a refined, yet simple and fun loudspeaker, meant for enjoying music to its fullest!

Welcome to Denver - to The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - to the Madisound room - and take a closer look.
We are sure you will be amazed.

For application note to SEAS A26 and preliminary data sheet for the Diamond Dome, please contact Grethe at