Large column speaker Areas for use:
For use in rooms up to 400 M2
  • Auditoriums
Part number: K0126-04      AV-41 White
  • Churches
Part number: K0137-04     AV-41 Black
  • Conference halls
Part number: K01136           Front cover White
  • Public areas/spaces
Part number: K01137           Front cover Black
  •  Areas with aesthetic environment
Available in any colour combination, please specify.
  •  Areas with difficult acoustics
Qty.:   1 pcs.  
Warranty: 3 Year  
pdfSEAS AV-41  


    Nom. coverage pattern  (HxV) 90 - 30
    Frequency responce (-3dB) 90Hz - 20KHz
    Max. short term power * 1500 W
    Max. long term power *  350 W
    Impedance    6 Ohm
    Sensitivity (2,83V)  93 dB
    Recommended amplifier 200w - 300W
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 180x1300x262 mm
    System volume    38 L
    Total net. unit weight 28 Kg
    Bracket Mount                     VESA 100x100 mm
    * IEC 268-5