Small VC room

Our SEAS AV-1 or AV-3 is a perfect choice for a small video conferencing room.

Seas small vc room

Using SEAS AV-1 or SEAS AV-3 as video conferencing speaker system in your setup assures the best possible audio quality and feeling of presence from your opponent in a live session. Both products are suitable in room sizes up to max. 60 squaremeter.

Our SEAS AV-230 amplifier will evince the best possible result in this setup.

THe SEAS AV-1 and SEAS AV-3 is


  • SEAS AV-1 Front 1
  • SEAS AV-1 Front 2
  • SEAS AV-1 Back

  • SEAS AV-3 Front
  • SEAS AV-3 Side

  • SEAS AV-230 cables
  • SEAS AV-230