Dear SEAS customer,
Have you heard of our new, small coaxial driver?
It is a known fact that audio products tend to get smaller and smaller.
This is of course the ultimate challenge for a loudspeaker designer - to make a small cabinet reproduce great sound.

You probably also know that here at SEAS, we are driven by what we call "The Breathtaking Sound Experience", or
the goosebump feeling you get when you experience something extraordinary.
Our newest and smallest coaxial driver gives us this exact feeling!

At SEAS we are now looking forward to spring, and to celebrate the return of the sun and the milder temperatures,
we would like to share with you our application note for the L12RE/XFC.
You can download it here.

We hope to see some of you at The Sound And Vision Show in Bristol. Following SEAS staff will be there:

Managing Director  Mr Olav Mellum Arntzen
Purchasing Manager  Mr. Tage Johnsen
Marketing Manager Mrs Grethe Årum