We are 4 people in the SEAS R&D team. Product development involves more or less the whole company, so we are working closely together with our mechanical department, our production team and the marketing team.


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Håvard Sollien
Håvard is our Product manager.  Håvard has a Masters degree in acoustics from the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim (NTNU).
Håvard's direct telephone number is +47 9400 2801

Jorge A. López
Jorge is a telecommunications engineer from Spain, and he completed his masters studies with a master thesis in acoustics at DTU in Denmark. Jorge joined our team at SEAS in November 2017. He has several years of work experience gained at one of the leading companies in the audio industry. Jorge enjoys music, nature and outdoor activities.
Jorge's direct telephone number is +47 9400 2804

Svein Mindrebøe
Svein is a mechanical engineer and toolmaker. He has more than 25 years of experience with Tool Design, Product Design and Manufacturing engineering, and he continues this work at SEAS.
Svein joined our team in July 2021.
Svein’s direct telephone number is +47 9400 2802

Chris Sørensen
Chris joined SEAS in August 2021 as our Technical Advisor. Since 2014 he has worked with tubes and tube amplifiers through his own business. He is experienced in loudspeakers for both HiFi and musical instrument applications. He is also a hobby musician and will work at SEAS using his tecnical, as well as a musical perspective.
Chris' direct telephone number is +47 9400 2805

Ingar Thorgrimsbo
Ingar joined our team at SEAS in October 2022. He is a product development engineer with interest for sound. He has more than 20 years of experience with product development and sound measurements.
Ingar’s direct telephone number is +47 9400 2803