Our SEAS AV-1 or SEAS AV-3 together with our SEAS AV-230 Amplifier is your perfect choice of setup for small classrooms.


Seas small classroom

Highlights for our small classroom speakers 

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extreme speech intelligibility
  • Exceptional good radiation of sound
  • Discreet and timeless design
  • Short leadtime
  • AV-3 is available also in black

In case you need a customized solution, please contact our Sound Solutions departement, mail@seas.no


  • SEAS AV-1 Front 1
  • SEAS AV-1 Front 2
  • SEAS AV-1 Back

  • SEAS AV-3 Front
  • SEAS AV-3 Side

  • SEAS AV-230 cables
  • SEAS AV-230