The FEA18RCZ is an 18cm (6.5”) full range driver offering excellent
efficiency and extended bandwidth in a compact package.

A blue-grey paper cone with papyrus fibres, and a high frequency cone directly coupled to the voice coil set the air in motion. The flexible surround is made from a low loss rubber material with minimal damping properties.

The large spider provides low mechanical resistance, and offers excellent stiffness linearity. A heat resistant, non-conductive glass fibre coil former allows a high mechanical Q-factor of the moving system.

A large ferrite ring magnet offers a high magnetic gap flux in a cost efficient way. The pole piece is prolonged forwards and equipped with a long copper cap to ensure excellent linearity in the force factor and coil inductance.

A stiff and stable injection moulded zinc chassis keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. Large windows in the chassis both above and below the spider reduce sound reflexion, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

e seas prestige loudspeaker woofer 6.5 inch 18cm H1794 FEA18RCZ

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Frequency response
F Seas Prestige loudspeaker woofer H1794 FEA18RCZ   d seas prestige loudspeaker fullrange H1794 FEA18RCZ

TS Seas Prestige loudspeaker woofer H1794 FEA18RCZ

  *IEC 268-5 SEAS reserves the right to change technical data