Excel Graphene W12CY004 (E0070-08)

The new W12CY004 (E0070-08) is a state-of-the-art mini woofer and midrange speaker in our Excel-Graphene series, upgraded with a magnet system with a new combination of copper rings and caps, optimised for lower distortion through better linearity and symmetry, and a new voice coil with titanium former. It is a successor to E0021-08S from SEAS.

E0070 08 W12CY004 w Graphene snowflake

Here is the datasheet for the new driver: W12CY004

High purity Graphene, which is a nano-material with special properties, is added to the surface treatment. Please see our white paper for details. (Chinese version: CN).

Low mechanical and electromagnetic damping ensure high quality reproduction of even the finest micro details in music. At the same time, the high-performance titanium voice coil former and its connection to the cone has very high powerhandling, suitable for modern amplifiers (e.g. Class-D). The driver has exceptionally high dynamic capability, which the light and stiff and well-damped magnesium cone converts into clean and undistorted sound. Therefore, the driver is designed with dynamic precision in mind for truthful reproduction of high-resolution sound.


seas excelgraphene medium size