The FL4RCN/F is a fullrange driver offering an extraordinary performance and sound clarity.

An aluminium cone with excellent internal damping together with a perfectly matching surround gives a smooth and extended frequency response.

The rubber surround offers an outstanding stiffness linearity while keeping the coil well aligned in the magnetic gap even at maximum displacements. A low viscosity magnetic fluid gives extra-stability to the coil increasing the speaker’s power handling. The stiff and stable plastic chassis keeps the critical components in perfect alignment.

Featuring a powerful and compact neodymium magnet, the FEA optimised magnet system delivers an exceptional linearity and low distortion.

Small size combined with an excellent performance makes this driver the perfect choice for any application where limited space is a critical parameter.

OR003-04 FL4RCN/F
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Frequency response
 OR003-04 FL4RCN/F   OR003-04 FL4RCN/F 

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 *IEC 268-5 SEAS reserves the right to change technical data