SEAS W22NY003 (E0097-08) Loudspeaker

We are happy to introduce the latest gem in the updated SEAS Nextel driver family, the W22NY003. This driver is poised to set new standards in audio quality with its advanced technology and host of remarkable features designed to enhance your sound experience.

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Here is the datasheet for the new driver: W22NY003

At the heart of the W22NY003 is a magnet system that boasts a state-of-the-art linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimization combined with a Titanium voice coil. This means precision and accuracy, creating an immersive and dynamic soundscape. With copper shorting rings strategically integrated, the inductance is linearized, ensuring low distortion.

One of the great features of the W22NY003 is its high sensitivity and broad bandwidth, making it a versatile choice for both 2 and 3-way speaker systems. The fine-tuned edge coating ensures a smooth and seamless frequency response that eliminates unwanted resonances.
The linear inductance and smooth response give your cross-over the best working conditions throughout the whole excursion and allows for an uncomplicated design.

The W22NY003 is designed to shine in a variety of applications. Whether you're crafting closed-box systems for pristine acoustic precision or opting for ported designs to create full bodied bass, this driver has you covered. Its adaptability ensures that you can fine-tune your audio setup precisely to your liking.

Prepare to be captivated by unmatched sound quality, where technological brilliance, sensitivity, bandwidth, and versatility converge to deliver an extraordinary audio experiences.

Don't just hear the music; feel it with the W22NY003.


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