Introducing the Metamodal TPCD tweeter from SEAS, T29X001 (E0110-04), a true marvel in the world of audio innovation. The TPCD technology within this tweeter offers the perfect balance of stiffness, weight, and damping that surpasses our expectations. We've invested countless hours exploring an extensive range of layup options to achieve this optimal formula. The result? A tweeter that sets a new standard in audio excellence.

E Seas Excel loudspeaker E0115 E0110 W16NX005 T29X

Here is the datasheet for the new driver: T29X001

One of the most remarkable features of the Metamodal TPCD tweeter is its ability to move breakup frequencies far beyond the audible spectrum. This means you'll experience crystal-clear, distortion-free sound even at the highest frequencies. The tweeter boasts piston-like excursion capabilities and employs a small, balanced horn loading, ensuring a seamless off-axis response. Whether you're seated directly in front of your speakers or off to the side, the sound quality remains consistently exceptional.

The Metamodal TPCD tweeter also boosts sensitivity, delivering precision and clarity. It features a patented radially magnetized Hexadym magnet system with a copper sleeve. This effectively reduces any potential cavity resonances, allowing for an undistorted sound. Furthermore, a customized titanium voice coil former has been designed to reproduce the dynamics in the music flawlessly. With the Metamodal TPCD tweeter, your audio experience will be nothing short of extraordinary, setting a new benchmark for audio enthusiasts everywhere.



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