27TBCD/GB-DXT is a High Definition aluminium/magnesium alloy dome tweeter with DXT® lens.

An optimally shaped dome and a wide SONOMEX surround, both maufactured by SEAS, ensure excellent performance and consistency.

The compensation magnet increases the sensitivity and reduces the magnetic strayfield and allows use in close proximity to CRT screens.

A fine mesh grid protects the diaphragm.

Stiff and stable rear chamber with optimal acoustic damping allows the tweeter to be
used with moderately low crossover frequencies.

This revolutionary DXT® tweeter addresses the major issues regarding directivity control in traditional loudspeaker designs. DXT® solves several well-know issues regarding; directivity control, off-axis response, integration with midrange units and baffle diffractions.


pdf Download Datasheet 27TBCD/GB-DXT

pdf DXT technology 

Frequency response
f_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_tweeter_h1499_27tbcd_gb-dxt.jpg   D Seas Prestige loudspeaker tweeter H1499 27TBCD GB DXT


 *IEC 268-5, via High Pass Butterworth Filter 2500Hz 12 dB/oct. SEAS reserves the right to change technical data