Excel Coaxial Drivers

SEAS designed and manufactured its first coaxial drivers more than 20 years ago.
Early on, R&D engineer Bjørn Børja recognized the unique possibilities created by the new neodymium magnet technologies; allowing us to design a high performance tweeter in a very compact package. SEAS has continuously refined coaxial driver technology over the years, and today remains the only loudspeaker driver manufacturer to make this unique technology available to the OEM and hobbyist markets.

Never standing still, the R&D lab recently decided to see what could be accomplished by applying our state of the art Excel technology to a coaxial drive unit. The answer can be found in our new Excel C16N001/F, and the results are amazing.

Item  16cm coax  VC diam  Fo  VAS QTS Features
E0051-04/06    C16N001/F  39 mm  37 Hz    15 0.49 Magnesium cone, double chamber tweeter
E0080-04/06 C16NX001/F 39 mm 35 Hz 16 0.31 Graphene Magnesium cone, double chamber tweeter
 Item 18cm coax VC diam  Fo  VAS QTS Features
E0060-08/06 C18EN002/A 39 mm 85 Hz 5 0.54 Dedicated midrange, aluminium/magnesium cone and tweeter dome

Excel Coaxial Drivers

  • E0051-04/06 C16N001/F +

      Precision cast, machined and surface treated magnesium cone acts Read More
  • E0060-08/06 C18EN002/A +

    This driver features a low-mass, surface-treated aluminium/magnesium alloy cone which Read More
  • E0080-04/06 C16NX001/F +

      The precision cast, machined and Graphene treated magnesium cone Read More
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