The SEAS Sales & Marketing department consists of highly devoted employees.

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The Sales & Marketing Department consists of:

Olav Mellum Arntzen
Olav is the managing director of SEAS, and an important sales person with a strong technical background. Olav's passion is music - both listening and playing.
Olav's direct telephone number is +47 940 02 810

Grethe Aarum
Grethe manages our marketing efforts and oversees all activities around our web site. She also manages the day-to-day contact with most of our customers worldwide.
Grethe enjoys books, music and travelling. Her direct telephone number is +47 940 02 813 - email

Kent-Owe Maurdal
Kent has been working at SEAS for many years, first and foremost with logistics. His exceptional knowledge of our customers and their preferred choices as far as packing, transportation and communication are concerned, enables us in an even higher degree to serve the market place. Kent is doing order processing, outbound logistics and helps Grethe to coordinate production orders and shipping. Kent can be reached on email or call +47 940 02 826

Mona Barli
Mona is responsible for all goods in and out of the SEAS warehouse, and as such an important part of our logistics and sales department. She has been working for SEAS for more than 30 years, and has broad experience within several areas of our company. Mona is educated within social pedagogy and alternative medicine. Any query regarding shipments will be investigated by her. Please call Mona on her direct phone number +47 940 02 823 - email

Marthe Aarum
Marthe started working in our marketing department in august 2015. Her main responsibilities at SEAS is coordinating marketing activities, orders and customer service. Marthe is educated within marketing and communications, and she has therefore taken on the editorial role of our website and LinkedIn-page. You can reach Marthe on email: or by phone: +47 940 02 814

Kamilla Steen
Kamilla is the newest addition to our marketing department. Her main responsibilities at SEAS is order processing and coordinating the orders with production and shipping. She is also involved with customer service. Kamilla is educated within Business Law and has experience from our production line. She will also be reporting our financial reports, plus maintaining some occasional time in production.You can reach Kamilla on email: or by phone: +47 940 02 818

Julien Wang
Julien is our liaison officer, located in China. He has a strong technical background and many years of experience in our industry. He has a passion for sound and technology. You can reach Julien on e-mail: